Actually, a lot of Americans don't like the same things about America. Just
one question: If America isn't "Worldcop", who will be? If we are to avoid
more world wars someone must. Granted, a neutral union would be wonderful,
but there is none, not even the United Nations. The problem most Americans
have with communism (as practiced) is the way it often suppresses the right
of people to believe and say what they want. In theory, sharing our
resources looks good, but it does not work. Even in a socialist nation such
as Sweden, where the suicide rate is extremely high (so I have heard many
places, if I'm wrong, forgive me)--thus indicating a great deal of
dissatisfaction with life.

Certainly Avanil shouldn't try to play worldcop, but someone must balance
Boruine. And, ultimately, the Gorgon is always a threat. Along these
lines, has anyone experimented with any sort of democracy or republic in
Birthright? I have wondered how such a system might work. Unfortunately,
with so many threats, I don't think such a nation would survive.

- -Brian

At 09:34 PM 5/31/97 +0200, you wrote:
>> Looking for your opinion, tell me what you think about
>> :
>> "Are Americans generally disliked by the rest of the world? and if
>> so,
>> why ?"
>First I would like to say that H.P. Lovecraft is a very good writer
>(when he lived).
>Yes! Americans are disliked by the rest of the world. I dislike some
>Americans. I dislike the American lifestyle. I dislike that the
>Americans play "world cops". But I do NOT dislike all Americans. I'm NOT
>a rasist.
>I do not like that the Americans dropped the atomic bomb, I do not like
>that the Americans always wont to build "the greatest" and biggest
>buildings. I think it's sick!
>I think that a person who wishes to play worlcop, care more about the
>outside then the inside and that are always trying to be the greatest
>are sick and could get mental help. That's just what I think.
>But I do not dislike every American. Just the system that exists in
>Well... Sweden has been called a communist country. But I can prommise
>you that the communists have never ruled in Sweden. I can also tell you
>that I like communists and that my best friends mother is a communist.
>I know this haven't anything to do with this mailinglist. It was only a
>But maybee it has to do with this list. I belive that the people in the
>other countris dislike when Avanil play WorldCop. What do you think???
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