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Thread: Psionics in BR

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    Psionics in BR

    At 08:07 PM 5/30/97 +0000, Seb Berendse(

    >Wouldn't it be possible to
    >transform the magical energy of the land, into one channeled by the
    >mind? If one would take the land as more or less sentient to the
    >needs of its people (->regency/the energy mages use), then such a
    >channeling would not be strange. Would only people of devine power be
    >strong enough not to become engulfed/estranged/consumed by this
    >channeling? Thus only blooded people could become 'True Psionicists',
    >like the mages. This would also give a problem for psionicists as they leave
    >their domains (eg. Masetians going to the surface), they wouldn't
    >have as much energy to become too powerfull against the surface
    >dwellers with their magic.

    I don't know about using Magic Sources, but what if "True Psionicists" drew
    upon the mental energy of sentient creatures. I don't mean by draining them
    or anything, but just drawing power from thier combined mental strength.
    This way the greater a population and the higher they are educated would
    make for a stronger "Mind Source". Of course the population would have to be
    consenting, and that way a "True Psionicist" could not find wells of power
    floating around anywhere he found people. They must Rule of them in order to
    use thier power. Or the source of thier power may come from other
    Psionicists. The more they have about them in a Provience the higher the
    "Mind Source". of course only Blooded individuals can be "True Psionicists"
    while others may be born with the abilities they can not tap the "Mind
    Sources" and use "Psionic Realm Powers". So many would be subordinates to
    Blooded Psionicists. The biggest problem with all this is if you go this
    route you have to make a load of Realm Powers for Psionicists(which I am
    loath to do). In fact the entire idea would take far to much work to create,
    thats why I only use Psionics as a subtle added ability, and not the focus
    of a class. Of course others may be more enterprising then I. :-)


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
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    Berendse, S.G.P.

    Psionics in BR

    Sepsis answered to my last mail with:
    >> As I would
    > >image it as such, a psionicist would surf the unseen world of
    > >sentient thoughtwhirlstreems (see a Dark Sun novel of the Chronicle
    > >of Athas series) and they could tap itsy bits of strength from them?
    > >Then overly use ought to be possible too.
    > As for what they actually tap into, the DS
    > example is a good one. The energy("Psions" if you will)generated by so many
    > sentient minds is focused by the Psionicist instead of floating away into
    > the ether.

    I especially like that last comment of yours, floating away...
    Imagibe what would happend if the Gorgon found out this awesome
    power.. Thus I agree to have only psionicists as 'fuel' for the Mind
    Sources, it indeed would maintain game balance.

    > That could eventually unbalance things. So only specific very rare beings
    > should have them(ie. Masetians, Monks, Elven Druids, etc.), then you only
    > need a few "True Psionicists" to wield the MSs that are created by thier
    > fellow Psionicists. Keeping the power linked to a group of specific
    > followers also makes more sense for this type of thing.

    Any favors for the rise of the Elves against the humans again? I can
    just see a picture as the elves remember being destroyed by the
    human godly magic, and could now get even with the power of the mind.
    Also take into perspective that the Elves could have used their minds
    literally for ages and they could have explored things unknown to
    man (who has just the average lifetime of say 50 years?). I would
    agree with the restriction to special groups, and had the Masetians
    in mind when I wrote my last mail. It could also maen the reason for
    the morning of Nesirie: the Masetians value 'rationale and reason'
    above 'superstition' in Gods. Thus they could have explored the
    regions in the brain that could channel their physical and mental

    > How do you determine the MS level using the "Linked Psionicists" theory?
    What would you say as a rule that the mind source is equal to the
    number of psinicists of above xth level, like 12th or something high.
    This way, it is quite hard to get a source ruled up, and each member
    of this secluded group of wise men/women could controll eachother. If
    there were to be a rise in the number of these people, they would
    know it instantly for they would only have to 'surf' the
    thought'plane' and they would notice strong and concentrated
    whirlstreams of others of their level.

    But what about rival fractions? Such as the secluded brown cloaks (am
    I correct?) on Athas? I would rule that each psionicist ought to have
    a lawful element in their alignment, for then they could have
    something like the Khinasi Mage Oath. Then it would be nigh
    impossible for 'free-riders' to set up their own schools and thus a
    MS. Those who would try would be hunted down, in order for the sake
    of game balance.
    S.G.P. Berendse
    E-Mail: 148530@STUDENT.FBK.EUR.NL

    There is a world just around the corner of your mind
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    Psionics in BR

    Here is the Psionic table that I created for the Monk class. Remember I use
    the basic Monk kit given in PO:S&M(pg.33-34), and added this ability to
    them. In order to balance this out I lowered thier HD to a 4 sided, and
    doubled the amount of Exp. they need to go up a level. With that said here
    is the table.

    LVL Discip Sciences Devotions Def Modes
    8 1 1 2 1
    9 1 1 4 1
    10 2 1 7 2
    11 2 2 9 2
    12 2 2 10 3
    13 2 3 11 3
    14 3 3 12 4
    15 3 4 13 4
    16 3 4 14 5
    17 3 5 15 5
    18 4 5 16 5
    19 4 6 17 5
    20 5 7 18 5

    Please note several things, first I am using Psionics as presented in the
    Complete Psionics Hankbook(not the revision that came out later). Secondly,
    Starting PSPs are determined normally(CPHB pg.12-13)when the Monk reaches
    8th level. With the Monk gaining PSPs as he advances in levels by adding 5
    to his ability modifier(CPHB pg.13). They *don't* get PSPs for thier first 7
    levels prior to gaining thier Psionics.

    I was also asked where do these Monks live. Well I allow for 3 orders of
    Monks LN, LG, and LE. The LN Order lives on Svinoy Island, the LG Order
    lives on Caelcorwynn Island, and the LE order can be found on Torova Temylatin.


    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State;
    the province of life or death;
    the road to survival or ruin.
    It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    -Sun Tzu,(The Art of War)-

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