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    Cec Stacey

    HUGE war card battles

    > >
    > >Our battles tended to be about 20-30 cards total. One epic battle, the
    > >liberation of Osoerde by Aerenwe, Roesone, IHH and OIT had a little over
    > >cards total. That's over 12000 men. That was a *huge* fight that took
    > >almost a whole afternoon to play out.
    > >
    > WOW!
    > That must have been difficult to manage. But, being somewhat of a
    > warmonger, I have to say: COOL! :)
    > A few weeks ago I posted a message regarding the use of battlesystem
    > to carry out battles for Birthright. I imagine, however, that such a
    > battle would be easier to manage with the warcards. Out of curiosity,
    > did you do it? Are there any secrets to such a large battle, or did it
    > like normal? Also, how did the regents get the money to raise such
    > My regents are luck to maintain just 10 or so units, let alone actually
    > them. Most don't even come close. Perhaps they have no financial
    > -Brian
    I think that I allowed my regent players (especially Roesone) to build up
    too quickly. But, for the most part it was their first campaign, and I
    felt trepidation at mercilessly pounding their realms to reduce armies
    (even though I could have easily - watch for my next Ghoere post). What
    happened is that Roesone ended up with somewhere around 40 units, Aerenwe
    probably had 20, IHH and OIT contributed probably a dozen between them, and
    a guilder bought some mercenaries to guard the rear. The group invaded
    Osoerde to liberate the realm from Jaison Raenech and the Swamp Mage. It
    was quite easy to whittle the army down some - the first battle involved 9
    undead legions, 5 Stonecrown Ogres, a lvl 2 castle, and a 10th lvl mage
    with lots of fireballs, lightning bolts, cloudkills, and the Algondier
    Staff of Power. The mage got away, and quite a few units got chewed.
    Then, in Moriel this mage shows up again, and the army of Osoerde was ready
    for the invaders in a lvl 6 castle with more undead legions. All in all,
    about half of the invading army was crunched, bringing them down to a
    manageable size.
    As for running the battle, it really wasn't hard. We used "dummy" cards
    for the multiples of ones we didn't have enough for (next time I'll make
    photocopies). The dummy cards were just cards from other expansion sets
    (the ships from Cities of the Sun have blue backs, all others are red),
    with postit notes to tell what the card or stack was. It took a few hours,
    but it was well worth it. Other than that, the battle ran as normal. It
    just took a while to decide what card stack was attacking which other card
    stack. There wasn't much movement once the battle was underway.

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    HUGE war card battles

    > Aerenwe probably had 20 [units]

    How did the regent manage to support these units - Aerenwe only has
    settlements in 3 (or is it 4) provinces - those outside the
    Erbannien. How did he raise the cash?

    Good bit of plotting re: the Ghoere situation. Good plan.

    John Rickards

    "He who is looking for something has lost something."
    "And he who is not looking?"
    "He gets run over."

    PS. Dan. Hahahahaha.

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    Trevor Romkey

    HUGE war card battles

    At 01:27 PM 31/05/97 GMT, you wrote:
    >> Aerenwe probably had 20 [units]
    >How did the regent manage to support these units - Aerenwe only has
    >settlements in 3 (or is it 4) provinces - those outside the
    >Erbannien. How did he raise the cash?

    (I was the Roesone player)

    Aerenwe had only about 12 or so at the beginning of the turn and raised the
    additional 8 or so, on action 1. Then invaded with pretty much everything.
    He anticipated losses, which was a good thing because, you'r right, the
    maintenance alone would have killed him...

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