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    Korenth Zan

    The Gorgon

    Actually if you read the last chapter of the Iron Throne novel, it practically
    tells you a weakness of Gorgons, namely that he is bonded to his home province
    of Kal-Saitharak by his own bloodline. Just before Gorgon killed Michael Roele,
    roele earthed his bloodline, and when Gorgon committed bloodtheft whilst Roele
    was doing this, it linked his bloodline to the earth itself, making him a
    prisoner in his own castle (Battlewaite). This would explain why in recent
    centuries this great unrivalled warrior has begun to master sorcery as a way of
    extending direct control over his subjects/armies, and also as a possible way
    for him to research a way to free himself.
    As for this once a generation reaving that his armies do, it has never stated
    in any of the book that Gorgon himself leads these armies of devestation, or
    that his harvest of bloodlines takes place on the battlefield, it could just as
    easily be done by bringing blooded prisoners back to Kal-Saitharak for Gorgon to

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    Trevor Romkey

    The Gorgon

    At 12:21 PM 30/05/97 +0200, you wrote:
    >Trevor Romkey wrote:
    >> I don't think the novel actually , out and out, says that the Gorgon is tied
    >> to the land. I do think however it is inferred that there is some sort of
    >> partial defeat for the Gorgon in Michael's sacrifice...
    >Yes, the novel say just that, but if you combine it with what is said on
    "blood enemies"

    I just reviewed the book and the passages of Michael's death and it makes no
    refrence of the Gorgon being tied to the land, it simply indicates that
    Michael robbed the Gorgon of his chance of bloodtheft by grounding his
    bloodright into the I stand by my above statement...there is no
    published evidence that the Gorgon is tied to the land in fact
    following another novel"Greatheart " the Gorgon was on his way tp the
    Sielwode at one point, obviously he was not tied to the land here.

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