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Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Sources and the Seas

Here is going to be a BIG can of worms.

One of my players just hit me with a new idea that I was completely
unprepared for. His is a scion of Masela, and his blood powers
(Resistance) enable him to resist drowning, this man can freely explore the
world under the sea as it were, save depth problems (he's working on a
spell to cover that one).

Now, he wants to go to Diesmar and recover a bloodstone from Masela, and he
wants to know about tapping the energies of the life in the sea. I.E. Are
there Sources available under the waves?

Defense: Sources are created by nature and life. Unless I've mistaken
everything on Discovery channel these last dozen years, the seas are full
of life (the nonsentient type) such as the coral reefs and the like. These
would (apparently) channel mebbhail in the same was as the forsts and
mountains do.

Problem: It is a realm completely ignored by the rules system. The seas
are a flat sheet of glas with nothing under them.... or so it would seem
(until you reach the Krakenstaur). This world would be completely
unexplored by the surface mages for the last 1500 years. No one could
oppose this newfound and unspoiled source of ancient power (Level 9 even!?)
Also, I doubt there to have been many undersea followers of any of the
gods, so very few, if any of them, would have become blooded at Diesmaar
(the powers only went to the followers accoriding to Calliede Dhosierre in
the Atlas of Cerilia). This would mean no-one down there controls the
sources under the sea... hrmmm....

So... does anyone have any thoughts about this undersea world. Please Post

Tim Nutting/Zero
zero@wiredweb.comSeems Reasonable to me, but could unbalance the campaign. I think you need to
look at this one from a game balance standpoint. Remember you as the G.M. have
the final word.

Eric Tighe