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From: "Matthew M. Colville"
Subject: Re: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Azrai and Bizzaro Birthright
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O.K. this is the last thing I am going to say on this whole topic (I
can see it is only going in circles anyway)

You're not following what I'm saying. If someone thinks your idea
regarding Azrai's continued existance is stupid, responding with "Well,
it's my campaign, I can do whatever I want" is not necessary because we all
already know that. Additionally, it doesn't *disagree* with the person who
thought the idea was stupid. No-one is disputing your right to think
whatever you want, so defending that right is meaningless. People are
disputing the value of your ideas. Those are what you should concentrate
on defending.
I believe you've tried to defend your ideas. I also believe you've
tried to sidetrack the discussion by throwing up a strawman argument ("The
Gm can do whatever he wants!") No-one asserted the opposite, so you don't
need to bring it up.

Actually, the phrase "the GM can do whatever he/she wants" is quite
important in any of these discussions when the value of your idea is
being attacked. When someone is told "that can't work cause its not
in the rules" or "well, we don't need any analogies to other material
(like FR or Planescape)" there really isn't anything else to say. We
wouldn't be having the discussion if the answer was in the BR
rulebooks, and if you can't go to other material, what exactly is
left? I've tried expressing my personal opinion (that would be in
those other posts you didn't feel the need to read to understand what
I was talking about later on) but on several occasions "that's
stupid" was the most intelligent counter argument I got. in no way
then does "the GM thing then try to "sidetrack" the argument. To the
contrary , it is the final word in any individual campaign where
someone is debating to use something or not. If it isn't in the
rules, and half the people who talk about it say its dumb, well all
you are left with is whether or not YOU like it, regardless of anyone
elses reason why it is good or bad.

>Before you decide to trash some of my posts, please try to make sure you
>have read all of them.

I don't need to read every post to know what you said in one of them.

True, but as I sarcastically remarked above, you really can't fully
understand what I am talking about or what I have remarked before
without reading previous posts. Maybe some of my points are allused
to in previous posts, or I have already explained something (as
wasthe case here) before.

Anyway, this is the last I am saying on this subject, as I am sure
there are at least some people who are as sick of this argument as I