Assume a few things:

1) Players and DMs have independant thoughts that are not
tied to the rulebooks and are not supported by TSR. This is a fact, it is
not heresy, and if I hear one word about "that's not canon" (as is SO
frequent with the rules lawyers and pitiful little gits on the Star Wars
sites).... well Elminster sez "Ye have been warned"

2) DMs and players occasionally divorce themselves from the established
game worlds to have a fun campaign, and that this is okay.

So to the "News Flash: Azrai's Dead" poster (never read it):

Azrai is NOT dead in my campagin. Read those last three words:


If you don't like it, fine! Run your game as you like but don't try to
quash some reasonable discussion on the list. If some of us want to
practice heresy and say, hrmm Cerilia does not exist in a crystal sphere,
and that Planescape does not exist in my Birthright Multiverse, we can do
that too (as I have done )

I personally love Planescape and all the rest, but in my campaign, the
other worlds don't mesh with the ideas of Birthright (hell in the BR books
the sages hadn't even discovered the outer planes yet!)