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>While we're on the subject, has anyone run any Rjurik stuff which has
>had anything to do with the portents of danger, monsters etc. etc. on
>Svinoy Island?

In my campaign the Island is home to a lost order of Monks, many of whom are
Psionic. What they do here is still a mystery. They may be awaiting a great
catastrophe, or the return of Michele. They could be holding an Awnshegh
prisoner, guarding one of the Bloodstones of Azrai, or awaiting signs that
some other key event has taken place. I'm not sure yet, but I do know they
are LN so thier actions could be seen as "evil" from many sides. Most people
don't know the Monks are even there, and they like it that way. They often
use thier Psionics to help create more rumors to keep people away from thier
island. BTW, I know Psionics are normally available in BR, but for these
NPCs I have made the exception.


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