My advice is: don't do it. I thonk the twists given on the
demihuman races in BirthRight makes them cool enough in their
own right to play, especially the elves. Importing subraces
from GreyHawk or the Forgotten Realms will only destroy the
special flavour of BirthRight. They're not there because this
is a different world, and they're supposed to keep out of it.
Especially the elves are very unlikely candidates for deve-
loping a subrace in BirthRight as they are immortal. They
are a slowly procreating race and thus changes will not come
soon. Remember that even in the 16th century after Deismaar
there are still Elves around that witnessed it all. Would
they forget who they were? I don't think so.

BR elves are wicked enough as it stands < evil grin >

Besides, just imagine it: regent kender! Help, help!
Please, you men in long white coats, take me to that
soft room where they can't reach me! ;)