Sorry I'm not including the original post, but anyway. As far as people
posting suggestions and ideas from their campaign that "change history" as
far as the birthright world goes (with particular attention given to the
"return of Azrai" thread"), I don't think it is as bad as this.

People (including myself) have been postulating the possibility of Azrai
returning somehow (either through returning from the dead, or having never
been truly dead). This doesn't have to be seen as changing history. The
body of Azrai was destroyed in the explosion at Deismarr, that is for
certain..the BR world wouldn't exist as it is without it. This doens't
mean, hoever, that through a series of event requiring milennia to occur,
he couldn't reform in some way or another. Perhaps Azrai was a form of
another god, in another crystal sphere, and after a prolonged absence,
this "other god" decides to return and resume Azrai's portfolio. This
doesn't change anything that has happened, but does offer up some new
possibilities. Perhaps the form that was destroyed was mearly a powerful
avatar, which Azrai had imbued with a vast portion of his power (he woulod
have to have had fooled the other gods into believing it was't truly him).
After its destruction, it has taken him athis long to regain even a
fraction of the power he once had. Perhaps Kreisha nad Belenik are mearly
a front (similar to Cyric using Leira as a front for himself in FR) for
Azrai to continue his influence, albeit in a much different form.

By proposing something new doesn't mean we are going against the "rules",
but we are expanding on them to make our worlds better. None of this
affects what has gone on, but willhave a leage impact on the future.