I'd just like to thank everyone who's contacted me about my
alternative game system for Birthright. If anyone else is interested,
they can find the conversion notes and the core of the system at Aphasia -


You will still need AD&D and the Birthright rulebooks to use this -
it's strictly conversion material only and contains none of the rules
from Birthright or AD&D that remain unchanged - ie. I don't repeat
vast amounts of the AD&D rulebooks because that really isn't the done
thing. The core system is there, but to use it for Birthright, you'll
still need AD&D and Birthright itself (obviously).
There should be the clarifications and omissions put up there
soon as well, so check it out. I haven't had a chance to playtest the
system yet, either (what with my Uni exams and all), so I'm looking
for feedback.


John Rickards

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PS. Dan. Hahahahaha.