At 11:38 AM 5/18/97 -0700, Matthew Colville(
> First of all, I don't know what modules you've been running your
>players through, but in all the AD&D modules I've run, Training costs would
>have to be in the tnes of thousands of gold to make any impact.

Well I must say I've never ran a module that gave tens of thousands of GPs.
If they did i would bring the gold down to a more realistic level. I never
liked the idea that PCs could become independantly wealthy in one dungeon.
Besides if you lower the gold you don't have to charge outrageous prices for

> What?! So your saying that while Joe the Ranger 's training costs
>are somehow less than Joe the Ranger Regent?? This is absurd.

In a way yes. An average non-Ruler Ranger can train by spending a few
hundred GPs(again in my game thats a lot of money for a regular Joe), now
this means nothing to a Ruler as its a fraction of 1 GB. Not much of an
imposition, but the Train DA takes into account that the Regent is
consentrating on going up a level and not ruling his nation. This way
training becomes as much a task for Regents as it is for non-Regents, and a
certain amount of balance takes place.

> Where in the Birthright Rules does it state that the only way to
>advance in levels for a PC regent is to use the Domain Action? This is
>what the person I'm arguing with stated, in reponse to *my* assertion that
>it's the way *any* regent can advance in lieu of adventuring, and the
>mechanism via which NPC regents can keep up with the players.

On pg.60 of the BR Rulebook. It says that if you use the optional training
rules for level advancment this Action represents finding an instructor and
paying any training costs. It does not say under Training for Levels that it
can be used in lieu of Adventuring for Exp. points. Although it does say you
can train for additional Proficiencies, even if you have no free slots. Now
I have heard of some people on the List using this DA to earn Exp. points
instead of going on an Adventure, but this seems like it should be a slow
progression at best, as everyone knows real combat experience is far better
then practice combat experience any day.


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