ON the Merrits & Flaws of Reincarnation:
When a character is reincarnated, he/she is in a new body - their bloodline
& any possible claims to a domain are gone ("I'm not just a Badger, I am
your King!" --yah, right). As for Wizards useage, it's a Necromany spell -
any true wizard may learn it, but the Khnazi (specificly those sworn to
Ruornil & Avani) have a BIG problem with those they consider Necromancers
(not directly limmiting, but could cause trouble if the GM wanted to have
fun with it - "Excuse me master, but there are a number of surly Paladins

"Nonetheless, a prince must be slow to take action, and
must watch that he does not come to be afraid of his own
shadow; his behavior must be tempered by humanity
and prudence so that over-confidence does not make him
rash or excessive distrust make him unbearable."
- Niccolo Machiavelli, THE PRINCE