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>From the Darkness we came.
And to the Darkness we will return.

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Newspaper Issue 15

Southern Anuire News - Issue 15 (Deismir/ 570 MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
>From her Imperial City offices.

Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper avai=
in the city of Anuire for 1 SP/copy.

Produced once every three months Correspondents include:

Medoere - Aeric Gallant
Roesone - Roesone Intel
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer
Endier - Caine the wizard
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie
Gorgon's Realm - Various Travellers
Iron Hills - Various Travellers
Other - Various guilds and travellers

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/month.

Haelynir 570


The regent Lenviath da Enlien has returned from his hunt in the Silver W=
has claimed nothing of importance occurred during the hunt, that he was j=
having a short holiday. He has however declared the area around the Drago=
n Tower
off limits to peasants and travellers and set up a permanent guard post a=
the tower.

In other news the weather has been very bad over the northern province o=
Caerwil with several powerful storms causing minor damage across the king=
people of that province have said that this weather is uncommon even for


Baron Kawn has returned from his trip to Medoere this month, and with hi=
m came
the mercenary Cowan the Sword who has decided to return to Roesone after =
that Medoere was too boring for his tastes. The Baron has now decided tha=
journeying to Medoere is hazardous to his health, after his recent encoun=
with several fiends around the Dragon Tower in the Medoere province of Br=

In other news, the goblins of the Spiderfell have been very quiet over r=
weeks with no sightings of goblin raider for the first time in several
weeks.Many people in Ghoried province are hoping that this signals and en=
d to
the Spiders attacks on Roesone.

Diemed: The Baron has again had a visit from the heads of the temple of =
in Diemed. They are believed to have demanded the removal of the Rournil =
in Moere province that has been stealing their worshippers over the last =
weeks. The Baron received them and said that he would consider their offe=
rs, on
the condition that the temple provide money to the Barony. The temple is
believed to be considering the offer.


Over recent weeks in Endier the regent Lauriel Kalien has hosted several=
balls and parties that have seen many of the nobility and richer merchant=
s from
around Endier flocking to the province. This has bought in a lot of money=
to the
city, something that has been very popular with local merchants.

The city is now booming, with the population having grown by nearly 5000=
the last year. This makes Endier the fastest growing kingdom in the regio=
n. More
people have come to Endier from kingdoms like Medoere, Ghoere and Mhoried=
seeking a more secure life.

Imperial City:

Life has returned to normal in Anuire city this month, following the exe=
of the mad killer, the Crimson Hood. Nothing more has been seen of the El=
mage who captured the killer, although she is now believed to have gone t=
Diemed or some other land to the east.

In other news the guild war is hotting up again with problems between th=
Princes Pride guild and the Obsidian Order, after a clash over docking ri=
for their ships. Several sailors were injured after the crews of two guil=
vessels battled each other.


1: The watch is seeking a witness after the death of the bartender of th=
e Black
Rose during a knife fight at that tavern.

2: The Black Rose seeks a new bartender. Apply in person. Only those str=
ong of
body and stomach need apply. Also must be good with a knife.

3: Announcement: All ships must now pay a tax of 5gp to cover the cost o=
repairs to the docks.

4: The Collage of Sorcery has announced a survey of the people, and the
city.The collage is seeking to make a definitive guild to the imperial ci=


There has been little movement from the Spiderfell over the last few wee=
with only a few goblins being seen along the southern border, near the Me=
province of Caerwil.


With the lack of activity from the Spiderfell Ghoere's problems in that
direction seem to to be over. Baron Vaesil Tael has now focused his atten=
tion on
the building of his new fortresses along the Southern border. These large=
will give Ghoere are large boost to its southern defense, virtually assur=
that kingdoms like Roesone, Medoere and the rest will now be unable to in=
Ghoere from the south.

In other news, several travellers near the Riverport Marsh have reported=
trolls and other unsavory creatures near the borders of the swamp.travell=
ers in
that region are urged to take care.

Gorgon's Realm:

The Gorgon's troops have finally withdrawn from Mur-Kilad leaving a shat=
landscape of death and destruction behind then. Any Dwarves who remained =
in the
provinces are believed to be dead, but most had already fled the advancin=
troops, heading south towards the Iron Hill's where they have been promis=
safety by that kingdoms Awnshegh ruler.

The troops remaining under the Gorgon's control have again head south, w=
thousands of Goblins, Orogs and Human mercenaries marching once more towa=
Rhormarch and the Iron Hills. The kingdom of Rhormarch has now been reinf=
with new mercenary troops from the east, and south. That kingdoms rulers =
even succeeded in taking back a small amount of captured land in the prov=
ince of
Edel. This has reduced the Gorgon's hold on the kingdom to only the north=
three provinces. Both sides are now building up their forces.

The Iron Hills

Troops loyal to the Awnshegh known as the Mind Flayer have been busy reb=
the ancient Anuirean fortress that once guarded the pass through the moun=
in Barniere province. Aid by the Dwarven allies that have arrived over re=
weeks the works has been proceeding quickly. Soon the ancient structure w=
once again stand as a powerful deterrent against any invader who wishes t=
o head
west into Anuire from the Khinasi lands.

Of course the Mind Flayer will also be able to use the rebuild fortress =
as a
control over his kingdom, as the newly built road cross through the Iron =
to Rhormarch also passes through the pass where the fortress is.

Other News this month:

Pirate vessels have again been seen along the southern coast of Anuire,
although no ships have been reported missing as yet.

The ruler of Osoerde has announce that he is to be married soon to Fhiel=
Hiriele, the daughter of an important Ghorean merchant. The wedding will =
place within the next year.

Anarire 570


apart from ever worsening weather in Caerwil province little else of imp=
has occurred in Medoere this month. On local madman claimed that the bad =
was the fault of the Medoere military whose ever increasing numbers were
upsetting the balance of nature. The church of Rournil has dismissed this=
as total nonsense however.


Several members of the C.I.A (Cowan Intelligence Agency) were discovered=
in Ghoried province recently. These scout, loyal to the mercenary leader =
the Sword had all had their throats cut and were found lying flat out on =
ground. There was no sign of a struggle. The leader of the organisation c=
not be contacted to comment on the deaths.

In other news, the Baron has expressed concern over a possible alliance =
Ghoere and Osoerde following the announcement of William Moergen's engage=
ment to
the daughter of an important Ghoerean merchant. He has yet to speak to hi=
vassal personally though.


The Anuirean trading company has succeeded in its bid to control the tra=
de in
Aerele province, with the young guild laying claim to the trading routes
abandoned by the Ports of Call Exchange. This gives the Anuirean trading =
a strong advantage in its attempt to control all of Diemed's trade.The gu=
ild has
already announced the purchase of two new sailing vessels to take advanta=
ge of
the new opportunities that have opened up for them.

The Baron however has not done anything as yet to stop the guild war tha=
t is
continuing between the three largest guilds in Diemed. He is believed to =
happy as long as all guilds continue to pay Diemed it's fair share of the=
income in taxes and duties. The Baron also hinted that he would soon anno=
something that would protected Diemed against invasion in the future.


Endier's good fortunes continue this month with the cities largest guild=
, the
Heartlands Outfitters announcing an expansion of their operations into no=
Anuire. The guild now controls much of the trade in south western Ghoere =
with the headquarters in Endier they are bringing in a lot of new money i=
nto the
city. This wealth has not only gone to Endier City however, the guild has=
spent a lot of money in the Endier countryside, building storage centres,=
and the like to aid in the easy passage of their goods.

Imperial City:

Several wizards from the Collage of Sorcery were arrested by the watch a=
they nearly burnt down a local tavern after one of the wizards claimed th=
at he
had been cheated in a game of dice. All arrested wizards were released ho=
after it was discovered that the man they were playing against was Tiegha=
n the
Sharp, a renowned gambler and thief. Tieghan has not been found however, =
neither has the wizards gold.


1: Sailor's needed. Contact the Anuirean Trading Company at our new offi=
ces on
Coin Street, right opposite the Prince's Pride offices.

2: Are you in need of protection, contact Alric at the Black Rose tavern.

3: A reward of 1,000 gp is offered for the man known as Teighan the Shar=
at the Collage of Sorcery.


The Spider, nor his Goblin forces, have not ventured out of the deep woo=
ds of
the Spiderfell in several month, since their attack on Ghoere. Rulers of =
surrounding kingdoms are hopeful that the Spider has suffered enough loss=
es not
to venture out again for some time.


Baron Vaesil Tael recently journeyed to Mhoried to visit with his sister=
who is
married to that kingdom heir. The Baron also took the time to hammer out =
a new
treaty between the two kingdom that will ensure that the peace remains. W=
their the two leaders also discussed the recent problems in the Gorgon's =
with Baron Tael promising military aid should the Gorgon turn his stony f=
towards Mhoried.

Gorgon's Realm:

War has again broken out between Rhormarch and the Gorgon's armies, with
neither side gaining the upper hand. The Gorgon's troops, although booste=
d by
soldiers from the north were unable to break through the strong lines of =
thrown up by Rhormarch since their last encounter. Rhormarch has been giv=
large amounts of money from the personal treasury of the Awnshegh known a=
s the
Mind Flayer and has used the wealth to hire large numbers of mounted
mercenaries. So far these soldiers have been successful in holding off th=
Gorgon's forces, and Rhormarch generals are confident of a successful end=
to the
war soon.

Iron Hills:

Work on the fortress in Barniere province has been halted after numerous
encounters with undead and other Shadow World monsters. The workers have =
on their ruler in Mhowe to destroy the monsters before they will return t=
o work.
There has been no response yet from the Mind Flayer who has not left his =
in Mhowe for several week.

In other news, the number of vessels visiting Mhowe has picked up again =
after a
recent fall. With Mhowe still offering the best harbour on the long east-=
journey most captains are deciding that a stopover here is worth the risk=
despite the danger of the Awnshegh ruler of the land.

Other News this month:

A strange vessel has been sighted south of Roesone. It is described as a=
black ship, with hundreds of sets of oars. Nothing like it has been seen =
these waters before.

Deismir 570


Several villagers have been reported missing from Caerwil province over =
last few weeks. It is believed that goblin raiders are responsible. No cr=
Goblin or otherwise has been seen in the land though.



It has now been discovered that the dead bodies recovered last month wer=
e in
fact scouts that had been sent over the border into Ghoere to determine t=
strength of the new Ghoerean fortresses there. They must have been discov=
and killed by the Ghoere authorities. The regent has sent a message to Gh=
complaining about the death of innocent citizens who mealy strayed over t=
border by mistake.


Baron Diem has announced that the kingdom will have a new wizard to keep=
an eye
on the land and protect the people from attack. The name of this new wiza=
rd has
not been announced, but it believed that the wizard will be living in the
southern province of Bliene. It has been two years since the last Diemed =
died during the Medoere invasion of 568, and the Baron has been searching=
for a
replacement for the last year or so.

The appointment of a new court wizard means that the Barony can once aga=
depend on magical aid to assist them in times of crisis. The temple of Ha=
has welcomed the announcement, saying that the new wizard might be able t=
o take
care of these pesky Rournil priests who are threatening the spiritual int=
of Diemed.


The regent Lauriel Kalien has announced that Endier treasury is at the h=
it has been in two year, since before the theft of most of it by Medoere =
To celebrate the governments good fortune the taxes across the kingdom wi=
ll be
lowered next season. This announcement has been warmly received by the pe=
ople of
Endier, many of whom openly cheered Lauriel as she rode thought the stree=
ts in
her carriage.

Imperial City:

The wreckage of a ship has washed up on the beach west of the city. Avan=
authorities who examined the wrecked vessel proclaimed it to be a Boeruin=
merchant vessel that went missing near Avanil several weeks ago. The auth=
said that the ship was most likely destroyed by pirates or bad weather.

In other news, a brawl on the docks between members of opposing merchant=
resulted in the deaths of five sailors before the watch could break up th=
battle. This is becoming a common occurrence as four rival guilds struggl=
e for
control of the cities trade.


1: Seeking employment. Aldien at the Black Rose is seeking barmaids, ver=
y good
wages paid.

2: Sailors wanted by the Anuire Trading Company to replace lost crewmen,=
wages paid..

3: The city watch is looking for new members, good wages paid and traini=

5: Got a problem needing removing, see Alric at the Black Rose Tavern fo=
r a
quick fix.

6: Are you short of cash the see Halidie Gorsited for a loan.


All in the Spiderfell has become quiet over the last couple of weeks.


The Baron has returned from his trip to Mhoried with a new treaty and lo=
rested and refreshed. He was soon busy again at a celebration of the enga=
of Fhiele Hiriele to=A0William Moergen, ruler of Osoerde.

There have been no further problems with the Spiderfell over these past =
weeks, but people living in the shadow of the woods are still nervous at =
mention of the dreaded home of the Spider. The Ghoere army is still keepi=
ng many
soldiers in the southern provinces to watch over the Spiderfell, although=
has been little movement in the woods as of late.

Gorgon's Realm:

The battle in the south continues to remain deadlocked. Earlier this mon=
th the
Gorgon's troops again took control of Edel province, but it was soon reta=
ken by
the Rhormarch forces. This battle looks like it may be over soon however,=
as the
Gorgon's forces seem to be withdrawing back to Keirgard.This may mean tha=
t the
Gorgon's armies are overstretched and the forces are needed to keep order=
where. There have been reports that a rebel inside Keirgard has seized th=
opportunity to start an uprising against the Gorgon's rule.

Iron Hills:

More Dwarves from Mur-Kilad have arrived in the hills this month. Many o=
f the
new arrivals have looked injured and tired after their long journey from =
north. Also building resumed on the old fortress, after the regent's forc=
destroyed the undead creatures that were lurking in the area. The rebuild=
ing is
expected to be finished soon.

Other News this month:

A pirate vessel was encountered by a merchant sailing eastward recently.=
pirate ship was on fire, and there was no sign of any crew on board.The m=
vessel did not see any sign of any other ships nearby, although the pirat=
e ship
seemed to have only just been set on fire. No bodies were seen in the wat=

The Seadrake recently attacked a merchant vessel carrying cargo from the=
The Awnshegh made off with the cargo and escaped. This has been only the =
attack by the Seadrake in the last year.

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