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Hello.I am looking for some help converting this spell i was developing in a
Greyhawk campaign to d20.

Earth Move
range personal -1 level
components VSM +0 levelhandful of earth to move through, Dryad`s tears, not
duration 1hr/caster level +1level
casting time 3 turns -1 level
method of creation- modifies -1level
duration of changes long, i turn/level -1level
spell has single form +0level
mage price- temp disability -1levelcon save
target of spell caster only -1level
very specific 1 purpose +1level
controls +0levelcontrol spell, perform some actions
area effect +1 levelmore than 10`/level
save none +2level

desired effect:
move through earth
move at level in miles per turn
max turns = con score [hold breath]

after effects - euphoria 3 rounds no actions
con save, if fail add 20-con score rounds


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