On Sat, 17 May 1997, Nadastor wrote:

> - In particular I propose the problem of PCs lv, starting and gaining.

I suppose I'm also one of the "old fashoined" DMs, but I have always
believed that PCs should ALWAYS start at first level, regardless of the
campaign type. You can never really recreate the role playing
possibilities of a character that can be killed by an errant sling stone,
or a lucky goblin (it is also a great weay to keep the players
interested). As far as gaining levels is concerned, try to intertwine
some of the adventures with thestory line...keeps the PCs incvolved in
everything, but a dungeon crawl is always a welcome diversion. (As you can
tell, I also prefer to have the regents adventure for thier experience,
nothing comes for free..)
> - The balance with the rest of the world

I'm not sure what exactly you mean by this, but in my ame, I try to keep
the NPCs on par with the PCs (level/experince/intelligence) to keep the
PCs honest (It is awfully tempting for PCs when the ruler of the next
realm is "only" a level 3 mage "We can take him...") Always play the NPCs
to tehe best of your abilities...act like they are all your characters,
and you are trying to beat the PCs...makes things more challenging for

> - What kind of campaign > - How many regents, how many kings you suggest

I much prefer the group rule sort of campaign. Have (for exmple) one
regent rule the country, another the guilds/sources/temples. If there are
more PCs than this, move on to other relativly close lands (if they are
neighbors, it makes things too easty with respect to allying to combat
other realms...distance makes this still possible, biut a little more
difficult. Haveing one PC as the "King" can lead to trouble, depending on
your group. If they can handle one of the PCs being in a position to give
commands to the rest of the group..so much the better.

> - what about rules for resolving wars?

I use the standard BR rules, but tend to decide the obviouly one sided
battles withut it.

Anyway, this is mearly a list of things I have come up with over the
course of my campaign..hope it helps..

Sean B