I wrote a little while back about Aduria, some decent replies (no hard
info, but that's cool). I was going through the Atlas from the basic boxed
set and a thought struck me (dangerous)... All the Cerilian races were at
Diesmar, humans and demi-, as were the humanoids and the like, and the
bloodlines were scattered about to all present.

There was one other force present at Diesmar, Azrai's original progeny, the
humans from the Adurian empires. What happened to them? It would seem
only logical that equal amounts of blood were spilled on both sides, so
wouldn't it stand to reason that there are several blooded scions tromping
around Aduria, probably mostly awnsheghlien.

Another thing, probably totally unrelated, but there is a temple presented
in Ruins of Empire named the Hand of Azrai. The priest doesn't worship
Kreisha or Belinik (as near as I can tell) and he seems to have full
priestly powers. So where's he getting them from? Is it possible that
Azrai survived the divine piledriver at Diesmar? If so, is that why the
south has been quiet for more than 1500 years (or so.)

Just some thoughts for future strings

Tim Nutting


PS> hope you all like the new actions!