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>>>>BTW, haven't we beat this topic to death yet? Is there still anyone out
>>>>there who doesn't agree with me?
>It is not about agreeing, it's about furthering knowledge. Tsr told us this
>way(I know it's not in the rule book--but that is who they interpreted it to
>us..but now inlight of the printed I must agree with you, even though I do
>assume that it is a lightning quick way to be rid of and opponent.

Does anybody have a list or a FAQ of the agreed upon changes to the rules made by the designers that where posted on AOL? It seems full of good ideas and it would be interesting to discuss those changes. Maybe one of the designers got some other possible changes that can be posted to the list. We could discuss them, try them out and, who knows, these changes may someday be incorporated into the next edition of Birthright (I'm 100 % positive there will be one!).

On another subject, I've seen a message not too long ago saying that someone (undertaker?) was looking for people to help put together a FAQ for the birthright list. I could take care of the part about CONTEST and probably other trade/guild matters if it's any help. It's a small start but who knows, we might end up going somewhere :-).

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