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>2 Questions that the rules seem unclear on:
>1) Hold Action indicates in the last 2 sentences that once used, the
>regent may only _respond_ to actions against him, then it says that if the
>regent doesn't use his action by the end of the action round, he forfeits.
>Does this mean that if no one irritates the regent he wasted his action by

That's the way I interpret it. I would think that the best use for this
action would be if you knew that a neighboring regrent was going to declare
war against you, or some other severe circumstance.

>2) Investiture's success number is "modified by the difference in
>Bloodline Strengths between the two regents". Previous wordage puts the
>bloodline strength as the actual line rating (Tainted to True), while score
>is the number of blood points. If it is the Strength, what are the
>modifers? If it is the score, isn't that a bit akward? (I have one scion
>with a score of 12, and another with a score of 48, that would be a +36
>added to a d20 roll... hrmmm....)

This refers to score. I don't think that this is awkward, because this is
only used when the regent to be divested is UNwilling. Then, it makes
perfect sense. If a Tainted regent (score 12) wanted to steal an unwilling
Major regent's domain (score 48), then making it nigh impossible (+36 on d20)
for the theft to occur is perfectly acceptable, simply because the Major
regents ties to the land are just too strong to be broken by the Tainted one.

>Any answers would be helpful (this looks to be a very forseeable action in
>my game sometime soon).
>I also have 2 new domain actions to post to the list if anyone is
>interested, or if that is allowed (?)

Good luck,