As long as I am causing problems with the whole blood thing, I
thought I would throw this out there as well....

In the adventure entitled "Droene's Horn" (or something to that
effect, I don't have the book in front of me) from the Legends of the
Hero Kings, the awnsheghlien in the adventure has a chance of
contaminating the bloodline of the scion who kills him -- assuming
that he isn't already of Azrai's derivation (in which case it is

Has anyone else noted this rule?

Have you extracted it out to its logical conclusions?

A. If killing an awnsheghlien has the chance to corrupt the
bloodline of the noble blooded hero, isn't there less incentive to
hunt down and kill the abominations? Why destroy an evil if you are
likely doomed to replace it?

B. Is this a one-way process? Can a scion restore their corrupted

C. If this isn't the case, why hasn't "open season" been declared on
anyone found to bear Azrai's bloodline. Wouldn't there be a crusade
to wipe out the evil bloodlines once and for all? After all, there
is no risk in doing so, and it would seem to me that the Priests of
the good religions would encourage such an act....even those with
only a tainted bloodline are abominations waiting to happen.

D. Why hasn't Azrai's bloodline taken over most of the others? None
of the others have any way of increasing the number of scions with
their derivation.

E. Why shouldn't this apply to the other derivations as well? If a
scion of Anduiras persists in killing scions of Basaia, and
eventually they have more blood taken from scions of Basaia than
their original bloodline of Anduiras, shouldn't their derivation also
stand a chance of being altered?

I kind of like the idea of the blood of Azrai having a corrupting
influence, but I think it needs to be fleshed out more.


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Jaime T. Matthew