2 Questions that the rules seem unclear on:

1) Hold Action indicates in the last 2 sentences that once used, the
regent may only _respond_ to actions against him, then it says that if the
regent doesn't use his action by the end of the action round, he forfeits.
Does this mean that if no one irritates the regent he wasted his action by

2) Investiture's success number is "modified by the difference in
Bloodline Strengths between the two regents". Previous wordage puts the
bloodline strength as the actual line rating (Tainted to True), while score
is the number of blood points. If it is the Strength, what are the
modifers? If it is the score, isn't that a bit akward? (I have one scion
with a score of 12, and another with a score of 48, that would be a +36
added to a d20 roll... hrmmm....)

Any answers would be helpful (this looks to be a very forseeable action in
my game sometime soon).

I also have 2 new domain actions to post to the list if anyone is
interested, or if that is allowed (?)

Tim Nutting