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Thread: See ya.

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    Brian Green

    See ya.

    Dearest Birthright Mailing List Companions,

    Alas, all good things must come to an end. I'm (finally) graduating and
    will have to leave my account dormant. Until I get a better personal
    computer and internet access, I won't be subscribing to the list.

    I heartily thank all the contributors and appreciate the feedback
    given. I have saved quite a bit of info from this list to use in my
    current and future games.

    As soon as I get situated, I'll email the list. I might be looking for
    a game to join once I do move. :) My potential locales include Cedar
    Rapids, IA or Chicago, IL.

    Take care. Please, don't do replies to the list. This is probably all
    the off-topic stuff it needs. :)

    Here's to Birthright's future. May the new TSR owners, WotC or
    otherwise, realize the worth of the Birthright setting and keep it going
    for us to enjoy.

    "And I now wait / to shake the hand of fate...." -"Defender", Manowar
    Brian Green, aka Psychochild
    |\ _,,,---,,_ *=* Morpheus, my kitten, says "Hi!" *=*
    ZZzz /,`.-'`' -. ;-;;,_ "If you two are so evil, then why don't
    |,4- ) )-,_..;\ ( `'-' you just...EAT THIS KITTEN!"
    '---''(_/--' `-'\_) - "The Tick", Saturday morning cartoon.
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    See ya.

    Cool...we're from CR...

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