802967876 wrote:
> Alamie is about the same size as Tournen. In my campaign, the player
>managed to raise a 18 unit army, albeit after a lot of hard work=). I
tried to
>make Alamie just a little bigger by making an alliance between Ghoere
and him.
>Thus the regent of Tournen had to fight hot only the army units of
Alamie whom
>where equal to his in number, but also a couple of mercenary units from
>Unfortunately for me, It was my first war as a DM and I didn't know how
to work
>with strategy so he managed to win.=|

This seems to be a common problem for good roleplayers and gms who are
not necessarily war gamers. I strongly advise setting up running several
sample battles (or battles you anticipate actually happening during game
play) to get used to the strategy involved. This help you create a
challenging, balanced battle that will really enthuse the players. I've done this
only twice in my current campaign, (several times in previous campaigns)
and my players can't stop begging me to give them another chance at glory
on the battlefield... ;-)