Augustin du Payrat wrote:

> what about a blooded character who is dead?
> what happens to his Bloodline if he is ressurected? is it restored?
> other question:can someone killed by a tighmaevril weapon be
> ressurected?
> P.S.:I hope you will excuse my english (I'm french!! and i don't speak
> english very well!!).
> P.P.S.:salut olivier:
> je suis francais, de Brest, en bretagne!
> (translation: i'm french, from Brest, brittany!)

Salut Augustin (Rachid ?)
Je suis de Lyon, mais je vais parler Anglais, pour que tout le monde
comprenne !!

Well, the resurection is a problem for me. I think players can abuse of
it, and assassination are less interesting.
and, in all the Background of Birthright, it's never said that a regent
had been resurected.
So, in my campaign, i wait and see, and if one player abuse, i will
dissolve the Bloodline of the dead scions and regents. If they resurect,
they will be non blooded.

I havent' thought about someone killed by a tighmaevril weapon !

Can we have responses ?