> >In the Ruins of Empire book it details quite a few people
> >with a legitimate claim to the bloodline of Roele. It doesn't have to
> >Michael's bloodline, mind you. For example, both Avan and Boeruine have
> >Roele's bloodline, and therefore a legitimate claim to the throne. The
> >Baron of Roesone also has a tie to Roele through the Gorgon (a claim to
> >throne, albeit with a dark twist ), and there are quite a few others
> >well.
> >
> What is the connection that the Baron of Roesone has with The Gorgon? I
> running a campaign based in Roesone, and such a matter could be
> The stuff I've read indicates that their is no connection between their
> nicknames dispite the similarities. That is, "Black Prince" and "Black
> Baron" are not related.
> -Brian

Maybe it's on the card or in the Player's Secrets of Roesone (I can't
remember right now), but the jist of it is that Daen Roesone, the founder
of Roesone, is a great-great-etc-grandchild of Prince Raesene. Hence the
Black Baron and the Black Prince. My campaign is centered in the southern
coast of Anuire, and the player who runs Roesone has done a lot of research
into his realm. If anyone is running a campaign there, I highly suggest
the PS of Roesone book - it's really, really good.