> >>
> >> > One of my players established a level 0 guild holding and then
> >established a
> >> > trade route to the city of Anuire. This now brings in 7gb a turn
> >helps
> >> > support the military.
> >
> >Shouldn't that be divided in half between the lvl 0 guild and the guild
> >the Imperial city?
> >.
> I believe that the income is based on the average of the Province levels,
> not the guild levels. The route is from Caercas, Roesone (4) to The City
> (10). And thus the average would be 7.
> -Brian
We discussed trade routes here on the list before, and I adopted our
"decision" that since the trade route is two-way, the guilds on either end
share the profits. Of course, if you own both guilds, then you get to keep
all of it. This keeps the profit of trade routes down somewhat, and allows
for more fingers in the honey jar.