IM>If there were Blooded steeds, do you think they would last long? Sure a fast
>put out to stud, creating a whole slew of blooded foals. But after the first
>Rjurik, who slaughtered his horse in the dead of winter for food, found out,
>many left. Why not blooded sheep or fish? It kind of diminishes the overal
>be associated with the divine right to rule. Maybe limit Blooding to sentie
>treant with resistance to fire seems a bit silly)

IM>"Hey why are all my cavalry horses dead, and why in Brenna's name does that
>glow with a divine aura!"

Actually my original thought was more along this line. At Mt. Deismaar,
the horses gained automatic intelligence. When the first human realized
he could commit bloodtheft on a horse he began to slaughter them right
and left. The horses after seeing this fled. Now all the blooded
horses would be wild and would have to be absolutely sure that the
being that wanted to tame them wouldn't kill them. Naturally, a
blooded horse would be a rare creature indeed because of bloodtheft.

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