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>From the Darkness we came.
And to the Darkness we will return.

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Newspaper Issue 13

Southern Anuire News - Issue 13 (Pasiphiel/ 569MR)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
>From her Imperial City offices.

Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper avai=
in the city of Anuire for 1 SP/copy.

Produced once every three months Correspondents include:

Medoere - Aeric Gallant
Roesone - Roesone Intel
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer
Endier - Caine the wizard
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie
Gorgon's Realm - Various Travellers
Iron Hills - Various Travellers
Other - Various guilds and travellers

* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/month.

Keltier 569


The regent left Medoere recently on a trip to the east. His destination =
unknown at this time. Before he left High Priest Lenviath spend a long ti=
me at
the library in the Temple of the Celestial Spell. What he was researching=
is unknown.

In other news, there has been an increase in sightings of goblins and la=
spiders around the borders of the Spiderfell. Some are worrying that the =
may be preparing to attack into Medoere again.


The regent has left the capital Proudglaive this month and was last seen=
Ilien province at the coastal resort of Aenier. In his absence Lord Gaere=
Biersen has been placed in charge of running the kingdom.

In other news, the northern elements of the Roesone army have again enco=
Goblins and other nasty creatures roaming the northern province of Ghorie=
4th Cavalry division quickly took care of the problem, driving off the in=
and killing any they could catch. A common joke now heard across Roesone =
is that
nothing runs as fast a Goblin in Ghoried.

Diemed: Baron Hierl Diem left Diemed for the Imperial City today. It is
believed that he has gone to speak with Imperial Chamberlain Caliedhe Dos=
What the discussions are about is unknown. Before he left the Baron toure=
several military bases in the western provinces. During the tour he also
announced that the military would be increased over the next couple of ye=
ars to
better protect Diemed from invasion.


Regent Lauriel Kalien =A0has spent the paste few weeks at the riverside =
town of
Michael's Bluff overseeing the construction of a new warehouse, and wharf=
. On
her return she said that the new constructions were to increase trade sou=
th of
Endier. It is believed that the new wharf will allow large vessels travel=
ling up
the Maesil to dock at the town. With the increase of traffic to Endier ci=
ty over
the last year a second dock down river may take some pressure off the ove=
crowded Endier docks.

Imperial City:

There have been several new murders over the last few weeks. At first it=
thought these murders were just the result of tension between the guilds =
but as
the weeks pass it is looking less and less likely this is the case.The mu=
have been random, with no links between one victim and the next, and the =
watch are sure they are being committed by the same person.In some of the
docklands slums the murder has been named The Crimson Hood, a reference t=
o the
sighting a someone wearing a crimson cloak fleeing the scene of one of th=
e most
recent murders.


1: A reward of 1000 g.p. has been offered for capture of the murderer st=
the city streets. Wanted Dead of Alive.


Along the border of the Spiderfell both goblins and giant spiders have b=
encountered over the last few days. A woodsman in Caerwil province report=
seeing a large group of creatures roaming the woods near the province bor=


Baron Vaesil Tael left Ghoere last week with a large number of knights i=
n tow.
His destination is unknown.

In other news, Goblins have been seen along the northern border of the
Spiderfell over the last few days. In several cases they even crossed int=
Ghoere itself.There has been no evidence of a full scale invasion though.

Gorgon's Realm:

The Gorgon's troops have marched into Rohrmarch. Reports indicate that l=
numbers of goblins and other creatures have been pouring into Osternord
province.With the destruction of that provinces castle several months ago=
has been little resistance from the provinces protectors. Most of the def=
troops have fled towards Rohrgaard province. It is still not known the ex=
tend of
the invasion or if Rohrmarch's forces are holding out against the Gorgon.

In other news the strange troops in the Iron Hills (formerly Chimaeron) =
been revealed to actually be units loyal to the Gorgon. This was revealed=
the troops attempted to capture the southern province of Mhowe. They were
unsuccessful after the realms regent revealed himself to be the evil awns=
El-Hadid, now known as the Flayer of Minds. Soon after he entered the bat=
tle the
Mur-Kilad Dwarves switched sides and with there assistance El-Hadid was a=
ble to
destroy all of the Gorgon's troops based in the kingdom.

The Awnsegh seems to have grown in power greatly over the past few years=
.He now
seems to have the ability to twist the minds of men and to stun creatures=
mere thought. The people of the Iron Hills seem unconcerned by this revel=
about their ruler. One sailor on the docks said that at least he is bette=
r the

Other News this month:

Regents have been flocking to the kingdom of Tournen in search of a powe=
weapon that is said to have been found in a cave in the province of
Pechalinn.The Southern Anuire News has sent a reporter to the region to c=
the search for this weapon. More information next month.

Faniele 569


The regent has returned from his trip to the west. It has now been disco=
that he was searching for this weapon that was reported to have been foun=
d it
Tournen. That report has now been discovered to be a trick of Rhuobhe Man=
The Elven awnsegh was attempting to lure blooded scions to a hidden cave =
he could kill them. Fortunately the Elf was driven off by the combined sk=
ills of
Vaesil Tael and Lenviath da Elien. Four others were not so lucky however,=
bodies were discovered in the cave.

During his trip Lenviath da Enlien spoke with a Southern Anuire News rep=
and gave the following interviews.

SAN: What are your plans for your kingdom?

LdE: My kingdom is a peaceful land and we are content for the present to=
our lives in peace and harmony. But if we will act with great vengeance a=
any who attempt to oppose us.

SAN: What are the aims of the Church of Rournil?

LdE: To passively encourage the support and worship of the almighty Rour=

SAN: What do you think of the new regent of Ghoere?

LdE: No comment.

SAN: What about stories about the size of your treasury, and the rumours=
you have been hoarding all the gold in your kingdom?

LdE: They are greatly exaggerated.

SAN: Are you threatened by the Spider?

LdE: Although the Spider does pose a threat I have had little trouble de=
myself from him in the past.


With the regent still absent from the kingdom enjoying a long holiday on
Ilien's southern beaches there has been little to report. Even the Spider=
goblins have been quiet over the last month.


Heirl Diem met up with the regent of Medoere while the later was returni=
ng from
the west. The two had a long talk that resulted in a deal about the statu=
s of
the church of Rournil in Diemed. Lenviath da Enlien agreed that the churc=
should contribute money to Diemed's coffers, and Heirl Diem agreed to all=
ow the
church to build temples inside Diemed's borders. This has not stopped the
protests from the temple of Haelyn though.


Ghoere has withdrawn the troops stationed in southern Endier recently.
According to Ghoerean authorities they were needed elsewhere, and Endier =
now be able to handle its own defences. The current rumour however is tha=
Lauriel Kalien has purchased the Ghoerian fort to house Endier troops. Se=
heavily guarded shipments to Ghoere seem to support this theory.

Imperial City:

The city watch seemed to be closing in on the murderer who has been prow=
the streets of Anuire City. Several city watch member have turned up dead
however, and no murderer. Some are now thinking that this Crimson Cloak i=
s a
Awnsegh or monster from the shadow world.


1: A reward of 2000 g.p. has been offered for capture of the murderer st=
the city streets. Wanted Dead of Alive, preferable dead.


The Spider has finally showed his hand. In a daring daylight raid he sen=
hundreds of Goblins, some mounted on giant spiders, into southern Ghoere.=
Goblins raided several towns, carrying off captives and goods. The raider=
s then
fled before the Ghoere army could catch up with them. Ghoere then tried t=
rescue the captives but were no match for the Goblins in their home fores=
t and
were soundly defeated.


Hordes of Goblins and Spiders poured out of the spiderfell into Ghoere t=
month. They over ran several towns in Tireste and Rhumamannen provinces b=
the Ghoere army could react. Ghoere called on the units based in Endier a=
nd soon
drove off the invading monster. But the creatures have caused much damage=
to the
two provinces they invaded. Hundred have been killed, or captured by the =
horde, and several major towns have been burnt to the ground.

The Ghoere army has sent several units of troops into the Spiderfell to =
down the Goblins and rescue the captured peasants. The mission however wa=
s a
total failure, with many Ghoere casualties. The army has now set up camps=
the Spiderfell border to watch for further invasions.

Gorgon's Realm:

The battle for Rohrmarch continues this month. Much of the northern fore=
have now been burnt by the Gorgons troops and most people who can have fl=
south and west away from the fighting. The enemy have now gone as far sou=
th as
Edel province and have surrounded the northern city of Oden. Prince Oden =
most of his troops are still trapped inside the city and the fighting the=
re is
very fierce.

The Gorgon has also sent more troops into the Iron Hills in an attempt t=
o take
that realm as well. It now looks as though his aim is to control a strip =
of land
from his capital to the sea in the south. If he succeeds then he will be =
able to
virtually cut off Anuire from any eastern contact by land and sea.

Iron Hills:

Troops from the Gorgon's army have again attempted to capture the kingdo=
again the regent was able to entice the Dwarven troops in the enemy to de=
fect to
his side. It is not known what El-Hadid offered them, but it seems to be
effective. The Iron Hills now has nearly 1000 Dwarves who have left the G=
army and more may be on the way from the Dwarven Realm of Mur-Kilad.

Talks between the regents servants and what remains of the Rhormarch lea=
may lead to a treaty between the two lands in return for military aid fro=
m the
Iron Hills.

Other News this month:

A traveller in the Giantdowns has reported seeing large numbers of gobli=
moving westwards from that lands eastern border. They may have come from =
Gorgon's realm.

The weather along the west coast of Anuire has been very bad over the pa=
st week
with storms and heavy rain. At least two ships have been sunk by the roug=
h seas
that have been pounding the coastline.

Pasiphiel 569


The regent Lenviath da Enlien has been recovering in his palace after hi=
s close
encounter with the Elf. If is believed that he barely escaped with his li=

In other news several shepherds in Braeme province have reported sightin=
strange creatures in the vicinity of the mysterious Dragon Tower. These
creatures were large insectoid monsters with powerful looking tusks. The
shepherds fled before they could see anything more. There have been no ot=
reports of any creatures roaming the area.


The regent Farrel Kawn has returned from his holiday in Ilien province t=
month and straight away set off from the capital for Ghoried province to =
keep an
eye on the Spiderfell problem. There however has been no sign of any gobl=
activity along the southern borders of the Spiderfell.


The church of Rournil expanded again this month with the people of Moere
province warming to the new religion. The temple is now attacking more
worshippers than the grand cathedral to Haelyn. The Haelyn priests have
denounced the new religion as an evil cult and have again asked the baron=
remove it from the province. The baron however is now believed to be sati=
especially after arranging for the temple of Rournil to pay him taxes eve=


All has been quiet in Endier this month, except for one day two weeks ag=
o when
Drunken revelers from a ball at the castle ransacked a city tavern late a=
night. Those responsible have repaid the tavern keeper for the damage don=

Imperial City:

Fear rules the streets in the city. Each night people are wondering who =
will be
the next to die as the Crimson Cloak's next victim. Most of the victims h=
been found with the throats cut by a very sharp object. Since the murdere=
rampage began two months ago fifty three people have been found murdered =
in the
streets. The city watch has so far been powerless to prevent these murder=
s, or
catch the culprit.


1: A reward of 5000 g.p. has been offered for capture of the murderer st=
the city streets. Wanted Dead of Alive, preferable dead.


All in the Spiderfell has become quiet over the last couple of weeks. Th=
strange noises and plumes of smoke have stopped and even the river is run=
clean again.


Baron Vaesil Tael has personally gone to oversee the military action aga=
the spider. The Ghoere army has now set up camp outside the Spider's doma=
in and
have sent regular patrols into the dark woods. So far most patrols have r=
but several have vanished without trace. The Goblins of the Spiderfell ar=
believed responsible.

Several new raids have been launched by Goblins into Ghoere, but each ti=
me they
have been successfully repelled by Ghoere's army.

In other news, a merchant in Rhumannen province has been executed after =
it was
discovered that it was he who upset the Spider. It is believed that the m=
was logging in the woods, in land claimed by the Spider and his Goblins.

Gorgon's Realm:

The Gorgon's troops have finally overcome the city of Oden after a two m=
siege. The valiant men inside the fortified city fought until the end but=
finally destroyed by Goblin sappers who tunneled their way under the city=
and surprised the beleaguered troops inside. The enemy now has total cont=
over northern Rohrmarch, but has lost large numbers of soldiers.With the
defection of the Mur-Kilad Dwarves to the Iron Hills the Gorgon no longer=
enough troops to continue the conquest.

Southern Rohrmarch has now been reinforced by troops from the Iron Hills=
looks like it will be able to hold off the Gorgon for the moment. The kin=
does not have enough troops to retake the occupied land however.

Iron Hills:

More Dwarves from Mur-Kilad have arrived in the hills this month. They h=
come here to seek a better life mining the mineral rich hills of the
kingdoms.Also many refugees from Rhormarch have fled into the east of the=
Hills after fighting in Rohrmarch devastated several provinces there.

In other news, some eastern kingdoms in Anuire are reported to be worrie=
d about
the Iron Hill's ruler. They claim that the regent is very dangerous and s=
not be trusts. Our reporter however met with the Awnsegh and described hi=
m a
very pleasant and generous, and not at all nasty or evil like he has been=
out to be.

Other News this month:

Travellers north of Anuire have reported seeing unit of the Gorgon's arm=
y in
the Giantdowns.

The Seadrake recently attacked a merchant vessel carrying an extremely v=
cargo from the east. The Awnsegh made off with the cargo and escaped. The=
owner would not tell us what his cargo was however.

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