>Date: Thu, 01 May 1997 14:44:58 -0700
>From: Brian Stoner
>Subject: [BIRTHRIGHT] - Battlesystem rules
>Does anyone use the AD&D Battlesystem rules to wage war instead of the cards
>in the Birthright Boxed set? I am considering doing so, but I have no
>experience with the Battlesystem rules. If so, how well does it work? From
>what little knowledge I have gained, I think Battlesystem will be more
>realistic. I would prefer more realism, but I don't want to purchase the
>stuff if I'm not going to use it. Any suggestions and information would
>help. If you have ever used Battlesystem in any campaign (even
>non-Birthright) let me know your thoughts as well.
>Thank You
> Brian

The Battlesystem rules are good for small to medium sized battles. For the
battles run for Birthright I'd reccomend WRG's De Bellis Antiqua or Hordes
of Things (DBA for fantasy battles). the games run quickly (under an hour)
and the miniatures are 15mm and relatively cheap. Moreover you can
convert from Birthright somewhat easier than for Battlesystem, a unit of
200 simply becomes a DBA stand. the rules are about $15, sometimes less,
and can be learned in about an hour.

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