I've red all birthright books, except of siege, that I'm waiting to have. I
feel, thinking about the old, great, wonderful empire, a feeling of
something lost forever.
A century of war had teach to myself that there isn't a single power
capable of reunite the empire. The most powerful power is the Gorgon, who
has Michael's sword too, but he succed in conquering only one or two minor
countries in all this time. Yes, I think that it can be enough having some
player rulers and all is done. The player are inventive guys, usually. They
can find new ways to the throne that noone can think before. But
realistically thei character are regent like the other, you, as Dm, I
think, have to learn from PC and to act your NPCs regent as smart as them,
the balance of the Anuirean region is so solid, nothing can alter it.
But I love the idea of playing a big epic campaign to give rebirthing to
the old empire.
This is my idea. It's only an idea, i'm playing it and i have just
encontred a lot of obstacles that i have surpassed.
Take a wizard, a sage wizard with few personal ambitious but with a great
view on the human race of anuirean and on the world. Let it thinking about
a way to reunite the empire, to make all the region in peace. He will think
about helping some brave heros in this quest, but it will surely think that
for as brave as the heros can be they haven't a fondamental thing: the
blooded line of Roele, the line the, unique among the others, can assure
peace and wisdom.
As DM let a PC be a descendent of Roele is to easy and, IMO too simplicist.
But this wizard can find out the way. He can study for years. Maybe he has
retired from human world and now live in an elf forest, maybe he's studing
the problem from centuries. He can have created a single big spell to send
some 4 hero in the past. He has one only try for after this hero will go
their way. He has time, he can choose the right men with calm. He can
select four people and let them know each other, and he can create the
conditions so that this 4 brave have to go on adventuring, to make them
experienced guy. He can introduce them in the political world and so on.
After that he can take them all on a good summer day and say them his big
project: he will send them at Deismaar at the day of the battle, they have
to find Roele, to fight with him, side by side, the must be so courageous
to not leave their place, risking dead. But, if all this succed you have 4
heros, 4 PC, with the same, unspootted bloodline of Roele. You can lead
them to their time with the elf distortion time flow, you have to discover
a way but this is not difficult. Now, in their time, they can begun the war
of Birthright !

Let me know what you think about this, please...

P.S. = Another idea, that i've not studied yet, is to let the PC fight at
deismaar each near one big hero, not only Roele, maybe the wizard believe
this is the only way to pose the basis of a great universal empire, leaded
by a council of 5 person, each of them representing one of the five human
tribe. Maybe even an elf or a dwarf, and... i'd keep for days in this way.

Nadastor, Wizard of the Black Robes
"The power of a man is not in his hands, but in his eyes !
His life is not into his body, but into his mind !
The world is not around him, but is in him !"