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    Brian Stoner

    Battlesystem rules

    Does anyone use the AD&D Battlesystem rules to wage war instead of the cards
    in the Birthright Boxed set? I am considering doing so, but I have no
    experience with the Battlesystem rules. If so, how well does it work? From
    what little knowledge I have gained, I think Battlesystem will be more
    realistic. I would prefer more realism, but I don't want to purchase the
    stuff if I'm not going to use it. Any suggestions and information would
    help. If you have ever used Battlesystem in any campaign (even
    non-Birthright) let me know your thoughts as well.

    Thank You

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    Battlesystem rules

    I have used BattleSystem since it first came out, since I am an avid wargamer
    as well as role-player. I love it. I, too, have "objections" to using the
    CARDS to fight battles, and use miniatures, and have incorporated some
    BattleSystem-like rules to fight battles in my BR campaign.

    However, for those who don't like to spend a lot of time fighting battles, as
    BattleSystems' battles can be quite long (they have rounds, stages, etc.);
    the battles would last a lot longer than they do now using the CARDS.

    But, if you would like to make your battles more realistic, do consider
    aquiring the BattleSystems Boxed set (the second edition--far superior to the
    first edition), and modify the existing BR Battle Rules using elements from
    BattleSystems, such as: definitely using miniatures (having all those cards
    on the Battle Map can get quite hectic duringthe course of the battle); allow
    Archers, Artillerists, and other missle-wielding units short, med and long
    ranges; use terrain modifiers; and others to numerous to list.

    Basically, like everything else in Role-playing, take and modify things you
    like best from many (or other) sources, and use them to add "spice" and
    "drama" to your campaign.

    If you purchase BattleSystems, like it, and incorporate it into your BR
    campaign, you may also wish to consider getting the BattleSystem Skirmishes
    supplement as well.

    The Golden Griffon

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