IM>I use the pronounciation guide out of the Book of Celts - I find it very
>helpful compared to the cardsheet from the box set. Her name is pronouned
>"Mary Cuul-mie". Here's a few other pronounciations:

IM>Dhoesone - Tho-sone
>Coullabhie - Cool-a-vie
>Djafra - Jzafra (kinda a french G sound for Jz)
>Cwmb Bheinn - Coom Vine

IM>Here's a little pronounciation guide:

IM>DH - th
>BH - v
>CH - soft ch (as in cheese)
>LL - ch-l
>W - u as in ruin (oo sound)
>Y - i as in into

Wouldn't Coullabhie be pronounced Cooch-l-a-vie?

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