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Thread: Welsh vowells

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    William M. Fisher

    Welsh vowells

    At some point in time the welsh decided that their runes were easy to
    spell with. I.E. the development of an alphabet, yet they lacked, or
    changed, certain consonant and vowell sounds that we have. For
    instance, the rune "thorn" (looks somthing like "|>") was a TH sound,
    that they used extensivly, and yet the Norse did not use it.
    Along these lines, welsh letter combonations like LL sound like I, and
    YY sound like E, ect. This makes words like yyllre (I made that up)
    pronouncable due to different consonant and vowell sounds that go into
    it, (that would sound somthing like "eire".)
    B.S.'ing my way through life,

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    Welsh vowells

    Two points.
    First, the norse rune Thorn was pronounced "dh" like "th" in "The,
    That" etc. The welsh had nothing to do with that.

    Secondly, the welsh LL sounds like "khl" - Kh as in the scottish
    "loch", l as in, well, l - if at the start of a word. If in the
    middle it sounds like "thl" - th as in "thin", l as in l.
    So "Llanelli" is pronounced "Khlan-ethlee".
    YY I don't know about - offhand I can't think of any welsh words with that in,
    but then I don't speak welsh. DD is pronounced "Dh" as above. FF is
    prounced like a strong F, EI like "A" and so on.

    Just trying to clear that up.

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