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>This question is really for Mr. Baker, but I thought many of you might be
>interested. Just before the infamous crash over at TSR the next BR novel was
>scheduled to be released. I was wondering if WotC was still planning on
>publishing the TSR books, and if Falcon & the Wolf was still going to be
>released. I know you can't know anything for sure but this book is your
>baby, so I was hoping you might have at least a little clue, or maybe a gut
>feeling. Thanks and I hope Im not asking impossible questions, but I most
>likely am.

Believe me, I'm more than a little curious as to the resolution of this
particular question. I strongly suspect that, since the book is written,
edited, and bluelined, it's going to be printed within the next two months.
As I told my wife (who was starting to get antsy about the question), why
wouldn't someone print it? It's almost like printing it for free at this

Rich Baker
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