(And stay dead this time!)

In all of our discition on this topic - namely "Why can't unblooded commoners
gain RP's and use them as domain rulers?" - we have missed one very important
fact: changing this rule totally alters the flavor of the setting. It is
based around the concept that there is a very litteral devine right that only
those with a bloodline can tap into. There is nothing that logicly prevents
an unblooded character from ruling as well as or better than a blooded
character, but doing away with this is like saying there is no logical reason
for a character who is in Ravenloft to be any more scared of a werewolf than
one who is out of that setting.

My point is this: if you want to have unblooded characters ruling domains, go
right ahead, ... but remember that the ability to rule effectively is the
most potent ability that a blooded character has, and by taking that away,
you take away some of the mystry that srounds the blooded characters.