Here is the latest news from my campaign in the form of a newspaper avail=
in the city of Anuire for 1 SP per copy.
An archive of this newspaper can be found on my Birthright pages at =

Southern Anuire News. Issue 12 (Emmanir / 569 MR.)

Written and edited by Stephanie Vaumel
=46rom her Imperial City offices.

Produced once every three months
Correspondents include:
Medoere - Aeric Gallant
Roesone - Roesone Intel
Diemed - Kalin Sufgaer
Endier - Caine the wizard.
Anuire - Stephanie Vaumel
Ghoere - Paeghen Valesie
Gorgon's Realm - Various Travellers
* Correspondents are required from other kingdoms, pay is 10 gp/month.

Erntenir 569

There have been strange goings on at Port Adele this month. The regent
Lenviath da =

Enlien has been busy loading one of the navies best vessels with a large
number of =

heavy looking chests. These chests were bought to Port Adele from Braeme =
the =

guard of the best of Medoere's soldiers.
The ships was gone by the next morning and all seemed calm, although one =
salt =

down by the waterside said that he saw no sailors boarding the vessel, an=
that it set sail by itself late at night.

Both the regent and the mercenary Cowan the sword set out from Proudglaiv=
e on
an =

important mission this month. They rode north towards Ghoried province in=
pany of two cloak horsemen.
This activity may have something to do with the strange reports that have=
coming out of Ghoried. Villagers there have reported seeing plumes of bla=
smoke rising from deep within the Spiderfell and those living near the da=
wood have reported hearing horrible clanging sounds carried on the wind.

The Baron recently held a dinner attended by many high ranking members of=
the =

church of Haelyn. One of the servants serving the guest has reported that=
priests made several mentions of the infiltration of Diemed society by st=
foreign cults. This may be a reference to the building of temple of Rourn=
il in
Moere province. According to the servant the Baron promised to look at th=
problem soon.
In other news the government has announced the completion of the two fort=
s in
Tier and Duene provinces, along the border with Medoere. A festival will =
celebrated in those two provinces to rejoice at the completion of a long
building project.
There has been some minor flooding in Diemed's western provinces, but not=
like =

what has been experienced in Endier recently. It is believed the unseason=
warm =

and fine weather over Diemed have dried up much of the flood waters.

The flood waters in Endier have finally receded, thanks mainly to a long =
spell of weather that dried up much of the water. Endier has already begu=
cleaning up and repairing the damage. It is believed that the kingdom wil=
l be
back in shape before long.

Imperial City:
The flood waters in the City have also retreated exposing the remains of =
poorer houses along the docks. These dwellings were inundated with water =
their inhabitants were forced to flee.
Several merchant have offered to clean up the mess and remove the remains=
the ruined buildings. Some of the building inhabitants have disagreed, bu=
t the
city has decided to allow the Guilds to proceed with their work. =

Strange noises have been heard by those journeying near the Spiderfell th=
month. =

Load clangs and the sound of hammers striking metal have been heard for
several days now. In several places plumes of black smoke can be seen ris=
from the forest.

There have been many complaints about the new taxes levied at Foreigners
announced =

by Baron Vaesil Tael last month. Some of the larger guild have refused to=

travel through Ghoere, and the Barons attempt to tax travellers on the Ma=
river have not been well received.
In other news several large carts were seen heading towards the Spiderfel=
over the last few weeks. It is not known what is in the carts, but the fa=
who spotted them reported that they were well guarded by Ghoere troops. I=
t is
not known if these carts headed into the Spiderfell itself or were going =
to a
military base nearby.

Gorgon's Realm:
Orog, and Goblin troops have been heading south from the Gorgon's Crown t=
the =

southern borders of Keirgard. It is believed that they may be being sent =
quell a rebellion by humans living within the occupied kingdom.

Other News this month:

A strange creature was seen this month roaming the Iron Hills. The creatu=
re is
scribed as some sort of manlike bear creature.

Rumours speak of a powerful weapon that has been uncovered somewhere in
Tournen. =

No further information is available at the moment.