You guys have the cart before the horse. The idea is, that *all*
rulers have a mystic tie to the land. Like Arthur was reported to have
done in some of the grail legends.

It's not the case that the peopl4e of Anuire refuse to be ruled by
normal people, the idea is that by *Virtue* of ruling, the characters
collect regency.

Many people in the dark ages believed in the Divine Right of Kings.
Saying "All rulers are blooded" is a way of making this real. I.e.
characters rule because they have the RIGHT!

Saying "Well, what if a normal person became a ruler' is, in
Birthright, like saying "What's north of the north pole?" It can't
happen that way. Much like "it can't happen that way" is the reason
there aren't Dwarven or Elven Paladins. It's an *idea* that people
believe, made real by the Rules.