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Thread: Elves at war

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    Cec Stacey

    Elves at war

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think that elves got hosed in the
    original Birthright rules? You read so many stories and tales and tidbits
    of information in the books, rules and other sources detailing how any army
    stupid enough to enter the elven forests is systematically chopped to
    pieces by the elven defenders. It has been stated in many places that
    clerical magic was the catalyst in the human armies' victories. So,
    discounting priests, the elves should hold any advantage on home turf. Yet
    nowhere in the rules does it give the elves any advantages for fighting in
    forests. Oh yeah, as defender they get to pick *one* terrain card, and if
    they pick something cheesy like woods, they get a few bonuses (+1 to Meele
    and Defense, -2 attack from missile attacks and cannot be charged). This
    is only useful if the elves stack all their units in the forest.
    Considering most of my campaign's battles have been at least 20 units (and
    one up in the 60's), that doesn't seem feasable to me.

    And when it comes to units, the elven units are only marginally superior.
    The best advantage they have is in mobility, and on a battlefield as small
    as 3x5, being able to move 4 squares isn't really much of a benefit (say
    over 3 squares). I'll grant that one for one, elven knights are better
    than Anuirean knights, elven archers vs. Anuirean archers, etc..., but
    remember these are special racial units that you have to pay extra for.
    Which would you rather have on your side - elven knights, or Knights of

    I'm considering writing some rules of my own to rectify this situation. In
    my mind, anyone dumb enough to invade an elven forest should get chewed up
    in the process. I'm not saying it's impossible, but I think the army
    commander should be prepared to take quite a few losses. Please reply with
    your thoughts.

    BTW, I think dwarves got the dirty end of the stick too. But that's
    another post entirely....

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    Ian Hoskins

    Elves at war

    On 22-Apr-97, Robert Ripley set out across the seas with this message:
    - ->In response to elves at war...

    - -> And where did you find the battle card for elven knights? Do you mean
    - ->elven cavalry?

    There is a battle card for Elven knights in the Cities of the Sun expansion I

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