> While this is true concerning levies, it is not much of a problem when
> raising troops of other types. The amount of people in a unit is approx 200
> whereas a level 0 province is up to 1000 persons, level 1 to 3 provinces
> ranges from 2000 to 10000 taking 600 persons from 10000 does
> not seem like a very big draft from the populace to fill his armies...The
> only time, IMO, that this would become a problem would be if the regent were
> to muster (into viable units) more than 50% of th e population (i.e. grown
> male adults) and the regent in question would not be able to support thru
> taxation 25 units on a level 3 province (regardless on how it was done).
> There really does not seem to me to be a problem herel
> Memnoch

Unless you are raising Mercenaries, the men in a military unit come
from average citizens, trained and equipped to fight. Levies are not
even trained or equipped as well, but are just peasants on the
battlefield with sinister agricultural tools (although scythes are
kindof intimidating in battle). Therefore any unit you raise cuts into
you population, except mercenaries (who still have to be fed and housed,
of course)
The fighting able percent of the population would not be 50%, or half
of the total population. We can take 100%, cut out 20% for children, 20
percent for those too old, or disabled, or even unable to take up arms
due to a vital role in the community. that leaves 60% of the pop., take
half (men), and you have only about 35-25% able to fight. If you try to
take more than that, you suddenly begin to cripple the commerce and
everyday goings on in the province. (take Germany, wwII, or the south
in the civil war.... so many men went off to fight that the economy
eventually crashed because there were not enough workers.)
And lastly, there is the public opinion of such huge armies stealing
the populus. Very few people in the modern world appreciate a draft
law. take for instance my above examples... Hitler was NOT a popular
person in Germany, there was just no way to get rid of him however.
Jefferson Davis was almost removed from office Twice, because of the
contempt the public held for him once EVERY man in the south was off
So basically the limit of the number of units a province, or realm can
support is a careful balance between what the economy can spare, what
the public will accept, and what the ruler needs. I suggest the DM's
start lowering loyalty grades, and cutting GB's of income if they feel
TOO MANY units present. This is a subtle, realistic hint to players to
lay off.