The following is what some of the more military minded players in the group
I play in have suggested and would like some discussion on. Please note that
I am having a few hardware problems and my access to my e-mail is eratic.

Thanks, Brian
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Topic: Limiting number of military units available
I fully support some other limit as well as the gold code.

A previous suggestion was to lomit the number of military units that can be
supported by a province to the province level. i.e. a regent with x
provinces totaling 20 can only support a maximum of 20 units.

This has been boosted now to a suggested 1 unit for each level of province
plus each guild and temple holding. Thus the regent from the first example
could raise 60 units if they controlled all the guilds & temples. This does
not appear to be a real limit as this is a huge force.

My suggestion for maximum possible army is:
1 unit for each province level,
1 unit for each total of four guild or temple holdings. These do not
have to be in the same province or indeed in the same realm.
Thus the hypothetical regent could have an army of 20 units from his
provinces, plus 5 units from his guilds and 5 units from the temples = 30

Naturally Elves can raise fewer troops from an area as they have no temples.

A guild lord controlling only guilds could have a large army if he was able
to find somewhere to build them.

Please let me know your suggestions to keeping armies small enough to avoid
them outnumbering the total population.

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