At 09:08 AM 4/18/97 -0400, Luis(802967876@RUMAC.UPR.CLU.EDU)wrote:
> We have to remember that Beourine is the equivalent of the Soviets or
>the Americans in this campaign. In any case it would be he who asked for law
>holdings in your realm. There are only a couple of domains in which their
>regents have complete control of their law, and these are Avanil and
>Beourine(this according to RUINS OF AN EMPIRE). Does the US allow other
>nations to have a MILITARY BASE in their territory? Do the Russians?


I can't quite agree with this. Since neither Beourine, or Dhoesone, are
superpowers they could not be compared this way. In fact I'm not sure there
is a good military comparison you can make between our worlds superpowers,
and any nation in BR. Any country requesting military aid in invading
another has already proven they need help in that department. The Ruler of
Beourine may control all the LHs in his country, but that doesn't do him any
good if he can't back up his military moves. The U.S., and the Soviets, have
the power to protect thier own borders, and undertake thier own military
actions without major support. Therefore the don't need any foriegn bases in
thier countries. And while I agree sworn enemies would never go for such an
arrangment this is not the case here, these are potential allies. This is
more like the French building a base in Saudi Arabia. Of course gaining LHs
gives you a little more pull then a modern military base does, but then
again this is a medievil setting. Fortresses, and castles, built in other
lands often commanded more power over the locals near thier outposts at that
time then they do today, and the power of LHs represent that well. In the
end he asked for the military help, so he can't complain too much when one
offers to give that help, in a more permanent manner. Just a couple more GBs.

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