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Thread: Investiture!

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    Eric Beauchesne


    Sorry for the poor English but I don't speak often in Quebec...

    One of my players is the Thane of Talinie, but a Paladin Thane. I
    understood that a priest must have a holding(temple) in the province to do
    a investiture... How can investiture be done in her country if she owned
    all the temples holdings???

    And, in the Talinie domain sourcebook, the last Thane asked her chief
    priest to do a investiture ceremony, but he is not even blooded nor
    regent!!! Is it a mistake or there is something I don't understand???


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    In my campaign, since Paladins can hold TH's, when they reach spellcasting
    level (usually ninth, except for Khinasi Pal's (7) or Ghosthunters
    (Awnshegnhunters?) or other exceptions), they can also gain priest Realm
    Spells (including Investiture).

    The Golden Griffon

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