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    Dias Olivier

    Elven Investiture

    I have a player who play savane, in tuarhievel. I can't make
    investitures, and was very sad about this, so i found a solution.

    Traditionally, Elves have only law and sources holdings. No temples or
    Guilds. And it's described in the book of Tuarhievel (and in the ruins
    of the Empire) that the kingdom have a living throne, the Thorn Throne.
    The Throne can "pierce anyone deemed inappropriate to sit in it". It's a
    powerfull magical Item, and i suposed to help my Player that the Throne
    can act as an Investiture spell, only for the Law and Sources Holdings.
    The guilds and Temples must be destroyed and rebuilt to change of owner.

    I suposed that other elf realms must have the same oportunities.


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    Mike Carscadden

    Elven Investiture

    I have recently been reading about elves in the Tuarhievel sourcebook
    and what I have gathered is that, at least in Tuarhievel, the Thorn
    Throne performs the act of investiture as one of its many mysterios
    powers. Maybe its the only thing on Cerilia, other than a priest, that
    can invest an elven regent. Damn that would give the regent of
    Tuarhievel a lot of pull in the other kingdoms. What do the designers
    have to say on this subject?


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    Elven Investiture

    At 08:55 PM 4/17/97 EDT, Wolf13(
    >Elves don't have priests, right? So how do elven rulers get
    >investitured? I was wondering if this was an oversite or was done on
    >purpose. as a side note how do other DM's deal with this problem.
    >just curious

    I have a sect of Elven Druids in my campaign. They gain thier abilities due
    to an extra-normal attachment to the very essence of nature, not because of
    diety worship. I allow them to perform the rite(s) of Investure, and use
    them as a plot tool(which they are great for). You may want to try something
    like this, but I recommend keeping them NPCs.

    RL Homepage:

    "War is a matter of vital importance to the State; the
    province of life or death; the road to survival or
    ruin. It is mandatory that it be thoroughly studied."
    - -Sun Tzu, The Art of War-

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    Elven Investiture

    In a message dated 97-04-18 17:03:18 EDT, you write:


    This goes along the same lines as one of my campaigns. Each Elven Regency
    has an Item that is the symbol of Office. When you have possesion of the
    item and a majority of the "nobles" agree with your claim, the item does the
    investiture. This is why the Elven nobles are so important and have such a
    strong say in things. All elves, in being tied to the land, are tied to the
    lords and the ruler.

    Ceincorinn Seibharinn
    Mage Regent and Arch mage of Rhosone

    AKA Ben Ekdahl

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    Elven Investiture

    IM>Excuse my english but I'm an italian boy and I don't know English very

    You are wrong. You know English better than many Americans I know. ;)


    * 1st 2.00 #9097 * Hi I'm Troy McClure, You may remember me from such taglines

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    Elven Investiture

    Nicola, from Italy (whose English is a lot bettter than most people I know),
    brought up the fact that Elves worship (venerate) the stars.

    According to GREATHEART, Elves see the stars as their Ancestors, so they in
    fact worship their ancestors. Aren't the Gods also "Heavenly", on other

    And, actually, Elves do, in fact have Priests--though not normal ones. Some
    other responses give wizards the power of Investiture. This is partly right,
    IMHO, because Elven "Prists" are the Mystics mentioned in GREATHEART. (When
    elves are babies, they are placed on a ceremonial blanket in a "special
    area"--i.e. a high-level source, and before them are placed three items: a
    dagger, an arrow, and a wand. Those that "pick-up" the dagger become
    fighters; those that choose the arrow become rangers; those that choose the
    wand become wizards; and those who choose none of the items become Mystics,
    and thus become priest-like characters (definitely of the Druidic
    persuasion). To this I would add that those who choose more than one item at
    a time become multi-classed: dagger and arrow--fighter/thief; dagger and
    wand-fighter/mages; arrow and wand-wizard/thief; dagger, arrow, and
    wand--fighter/mage/thief. Therefore, all allowable classes are represented).
    I would suggest treating Mystics as "forced" dual-characters, starting out as
    rangers or fighters (limiting fighters to 5th level and rangers to the1st
    level they can cast "ranger" spells. Then they become wizards (though they
    can still use their ranger or fighter abilities, except that the wizard rules
    for armor etc. take precedence) until they reach max level or if this rule is
    not used, no higher than 10-15 level. Then they become "druids", and though
    they don't realize it, they are actually priests of both Eric and Ruornil
    (major powers of Eric and minor powers of Ruornil, unless already a power
    from Eric). At the time they become "Druids", no matter what their
    Bloodstrength is, they automatically receive the Blood Ability of Iron Will
    (Reynir's Derivation-regardless of character's actual derivation) and just
    enough enough Bloodstrength Points to "allow" them to gain another ability
    (if they already possess Iron Will of Reynir's Deriv., they receive the BS
    pts and a minor BA of their derivation (obviosly Reynir's). If they have
    Iron Will of another Derv., they receive Iron Will again, only Reynir's. At
    third level they receive Vorynn's variation of Enhanced Sense at major
    ability. Again they receive enough BS pts to allow them this additional
    "free" ability. If they already possess it (Vorynn's Derv.--another major
    Vorynn BA; another derv.--Enhanced Sense again, at major strength). At this
    point, the character is a Mystic, and therefore a "priest of the ancestors",
    and, hence, can perform Investiture.

    The Golden Griffon

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    Brian Stoner

    Elven Investiture

    Michael Keeton wrote:

    > Greetings,
    > As I understand it, the elves do not follow any gods and thus
    > they
    > have no priests. However, my source book on Tuarhievel states that
    > the regent Fhileraene passes his bloodline onto a human before he
    > falls into the hands of the Gorgon. There are no temples in Tuarhievel
    > so I was wondering how the elves are handling matters of investiture.
    > I realize that something could simply be made up for how the bloodline
    > was passed on but it seems to me that since the elves as a whole have
    > no
    > priests that passing along their bloodlines could be quite problemsome
    > for them in every elven kingdom.

    I've thought about this question myself. Perhaps elves can cast
    Investiture as a wizard spell.

    - -Brian

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