At 10:38 AM 4/17/97 -0400, Luis(802967876@RUMAC.UPR.CLU.EDU)wrote:

> What would help mean? Something like stated before. Guilds in his
>Duchy and/or Taline. He would never concede to Law holdings. Maybe a trade
>route to Seasedge his capital.


I know my game colors my view of this, but I have to comment. In return for
your help you should definitely demand GHs, not just TRs. You can always get
TRs yourself, their GHs are what you want. Settle for no less, if he needs
your help you will get them. Settle for a few in his vassel country, or the
captured one, but shoot first for those within Boeruine. The same goes for
LHs. While it may seem impossible that any nation would trade those for aid,
that just isn't so. The examples of nations building military bases in other
countries, in exchange for military aid, can be found throughout our own
world's history. Even in todays modern world, both the Americans, and the
Soviets, have placed bases in other countries in order to strengthen them.
So it should be possible in BR as well, IMHO(maybe I like politics too
much). Remember you don't have to ask for all the LHs in a Province, just a
few. Given time you can build on this, just keep looking for oppertunities.
BTW, if you can get GHs, and LHs in the same Province thats even better.
Also don't forget your political marriage to the north, this would make your
nation a decent force, and make others more likely to give a little extra
for your aid. Especialy if you hint the other side has requested your help
as well. Again this is just all my MHO.
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