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> As a DM, I referee a game based on Birthright rules, but in a scandinavian
> 'Viking age' setting (on the other side of the Thaelan continent). I know
> many of you guys took the rules to other settings, I'd be curious to see
> what these worlds are like.

I've personally been working on moving the Birthright rules to Greyhawk,
Medieval Earth (Europe, Asia, and points in between), and Feist's
Midkemai & Kelewan. The one thing that I make it a point to do is drop
the blood abilities as a connection to being a regent. They're still
to get but are more independent, sorta like wild psionics. Regency can
be collected by anyone and anyone can be a regent. I also expanded
the LT rules, I'll post them if I can find them.

> Also, a friend (well, my fiancee, actually) is beginning a Birthright game
> in good old Al-Qadim and took the holdings list from the Dragon Mag.
> remember what number). Did anyone here did it? Is it working well,
> she should watch out for?

If I could only get the women I date to play I'd be in paradise. Does
anyone know where this appeared? I haven't bought dragon for a