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    Sean Brown


    Well, the way we have interpreted it, you cannot attack a castle
    without an can siege it, but cannot attack. If you
    have an artillerist, then you can assaultthe castle using the
    battlemap, and the "castle" terrain card. I know the card itself has
    the modifiers for this kind of assault, but I don't have it here, so
    I can't comment.

    As for protecting you artillerists, the only way is to stack the pile
    with other units. Unfortunately, if your opponent can use missile
    fire on you, your boys may be in for a bit of trouble.


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    can anyone tell me the way to artillerist in combat. The rulebook says the
    only way to assualt a castle is to them in your army. Does this mean that the
    Artillerist war card has to assult the castle by itself? so if a castle has
    5 units of archers , and 1 artillerist attacks, does it hit the units inside
    or the castle itself? next question-to safely protect the Artillerist, you
    would have to stack all your cards on him to prevent counter attacks right??
    What am i overlooking here?


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    Robert Ripley


    You place the 5 archers and the Fortification card on the Battle-mat
    and then go at it like a normal battle...
    Having the artillerists allows you to do battle at all. Without it you
    would have to do a siege.

    Bob R.

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