At 04:31 PM 4/16/97 -0400, Mike Carscadden(
>Robin Cantin wrote:
>> I need your advice on a situation in our game: I play Dhoesone (yes, with
>> Fhiele) and Boeruine authorities are asking me for support in their
>> soon-to-come war against Thaegas (I think). I have no political objections,
>> as long as it looks like a commercial transaction. Any idea what I should
>> ask for? Be creative!
>If I were you I would cement my self to Bouruine by marrying into his
>family. As well as the political power you'll get think of the
>bloodline of your children. That or make him swear to do something at a
>later date for you. (Come kick some ass when your getting invaded)

I have a PC who plays the Ruler of Dhoesone myself, So my advice might be a
little biased, but heres what I suggest: Political marriages are great, but
Boeruine is not in the best position to help strengthen your country. Its
too far away to really consolidate any power with them. Instead consider
marrying to the north. I heard the King of the Rjuvik has an eligible son.
This is an easy way to strengthen your power base. As for Boeruine, demand
that you can establish a permanent military presence in their country(ala
Law Holdings w/castle), and in Thaegas if its captured. Also some Guild
consessions would be good to throw in as well. This way you can gain a
permanent source of income, and get your foot into their country that you
can exploit later. When the time is right you can Contest the other Holdings
in the provinces you have Law Holdings in, and seize the whole ball of wax.
Well thats my 2 GBs.

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