Jonathan Picklesimer wrote:
>Well, I must say that Prince Fhileraene didn't have much of a =
>choice in =
>answering the Gorgon's summons. According to the Sourcebook, the =
>last =
>time the Gorgon invaded, the only thing that stopped him was the =
>powerful =
>magic of Siebharrin, "The Lich". I saw no indication that the =
>elves were =
>either capable of or willing to have such a confrontation again. =
>Even =
>the power of the Kingdom augmented by the Sielwode and Dhoesone =
>may not be =
>sufficient to stand against a full assault by the Gorgon. =

Think of it from the Gorgon's perspective. You have demanded a royal =
hostage and they were fool enough to give it to you, even though the elves =
had no legitimate heir. The elven houses are divided in their political =
opinion (save for defense). What you got, is a de-invested now-commoner =
who was stupid enough to leave his country in the midst of a huge =
The leadership is in question and the elves have absolutely no allies or =

Time to go wipe them out for their own good. =

See what I mean? Handing over a leader that everyone is happy with in =
exchange for a controversial one is inviting invasion, not deterring it.

But then again, people can always change the constroversial nature of =
Savane (being human and all) in their own campaigns. Or play the Gorgon =
not nearly as well informed as I imagine him to be.

- -Dustin Evermore