Well, I must say that Prince Fhileraene didn't have much of a choice in
answering the Gorgon's summons. According to the Sourcebook, the last
time the Gorgon invaded, the only thing that stopped him was the powerful
magic of Siebharrin, "The Lich". I saw no indication that the elves were
either capable of or willing to have such a confrontation again. Even
the power of the Kingdom augmented by the Sielwode and Dhoesone may not be
sufficient to stand against a full assault by the Gorgon.

As for making Savane the regent, does the Prince even have another
progeny to pass the bloodline to? Clearly Savane understands her role as
a caretaker of the bloodline. I would be less concerned about her and
more concerned with Tara, The Black Princess. If she is not as hostile
against Raesene as she claims, then the Prince's unborn child may be in
iminant danger. Was making Savane acting regent radical? Yes! Was it
an emergency measure? Yes! Was it something that an elf, in a moment of
passion and dire need, would give to the 'love of his life' in order to
preserve the ruling family? Yes. Would it have been a tough decision to
make? Of course!! but it appears that he has chosen wisely. Savane
appears quite capable of being the regent, as long as she does not
attempt to usurp the throne.