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    Laura K Qualey

    Tuarhievel Sourcebook

    On Tue, 15 Apr 1997 11:21:46 -0400,
    birthright@MPGN.COM wrote...

    > Just the thought of a human on the Thorn Throne(?) is ridiculous.
    > Fhielereine is a relative of Roubhe the MANSLAYER. Fhielereine also is
    > rumoured to be involved in the continuation of the galic sidhe(humman
    > hunt.) No way that would ever happen. Even a human consort is
    > proposterous. Elves don't like humans and vice versa.

    Well I might just be the first person to say I think the idea is neat. First
    off, just because Fhileraene is a relative of Rhuobhe doesn't mean he has to
    be a carbon copy of him. Even elves are allowed to have dissenting opinions
    from their kin. Second; no, the idea of a human consort is not silly. Just
    where did Fhiele Dhoesone come from? And Laela Flaertes? However, it was
    suprising that he *officialy* recognized Savane as his mate considering all
    the die hard traditionalist elves running around Tuarhievel.

    But my main reason for liking the domain pack is this : Story! I'm a sucker
    for drama in my campaign, and the idea of a human running an elven nation ...
    Far to tempting *not* to use. Even though the idea is a little far fetched,
    it is still workable. And as for Fhileraene answering the Gorgon's
    summonings; hmm, big nasty bad awnsheglien with huge, huge army ...
    Somebody not to aggrivate. But maybe the summonings were accompanied with ten
    or more of the Gorgon's crack units, what kind of choice would he have then?

    Just one humble GM's opinion.


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    Wolfgang Neckel

    Tuarhievel Sourcebook

    > While the idea seems incredibly bizarre, and I have not yet decided if I
    > will include this in my own fledgeling campaign there are a couple of
    > things to remember. Fhielereine HAS already given some control of the law
    > in Tuarheivel to his half sister, Fhiele Dhoesone, prior to his move. Love
    > is a fleeting thing, and this is a great roleplaying opportunity.
    > John

    Our DM doesn't have the Tuarhievel Sourcebook jet, but when reading the
    posts about it I decided it looks like a must have. Also in regard to this
    elven smith (a like the relevation about the tighmerevil (sp?) - galvorn
    connection) and the information about the human on the thorn throne!
    This seems like a great roleplay opportunity indeed!
    As to the human/elven relationship: In the novel Iron Throne the
    relationship between these two races has very much been made clear. It
    certainly is for the good of the elves to work together with humans - for
    the good of all and against a common evil - the Gorgon.


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